The Nature – Catching Spring

Spring is fast approaching, it’s right now, just … go out and look around and you’ll see that the view will surprise you! Catch the spring!
Right now is the right time! Take your camera and do not miss this moment … later you can regret it!
Catch the spring!


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The Nature – Photo Gallery

Projects Presentation

The next step in my development of learning photography was to create a portfolio of photo whose purpose is to present my work in a concrete consolidated way.
So my job was to create a works which focuses pictures as specified and concrete way.
However, it was not easy for me to choose just a few pictures to show you my cross-cutting works, so I decided to create several presentations and then combine them all into one project.
This presentation is available in two versions – as an image of video and interactive presentation in PowerPonit.

The choice is yours …

Have a nice watch…