Projects Presentation

The next step in my development of learning photography was to create a portfolio of photo whose purpose is to present my work in a concrete consolidated way.
So my job was to create a works which focuses pictures as specified and concrete way.
However, it was not easy for me to choose just a few pictures to show you my cross-cutting works, so I decided to create several presentations and then combine them all into one project.
This presentation is available in two versions – as an image of video and interactive presentation in PowerPonit.

The choice is yours …

Have a nice watch…






My daily life …
Every day I wake up between 1:30 and 2:00 am, and I do not know why but I feel good. I drink my first cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette.
I’m starting my day
I check email, read the news, then I look through the window and I check what the weather is like because I have to know how to dress 🙂
I take my photo equipment and go ahead

Am I a PHOTOGRAFER? follow my works